Weight Loss and Obesity Programs

Optimum Health Solutions offers proven health and fitness programs to help you lose weight and transform your health status. Book in with our Exercise physiologist and begin your program today.

Utilising the latest scientifically proven methodologies, Optimum Health Solutions leads the way in achieving life-changing weight loss results for our clients. Our programs are not quick fixes. They are holistic solutions for life. Currently 68% of Australians are overweight or obese, and we are taking action to address this.

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Optimum's Weight Loss and Obesity Program incorporates 3 areas to ensure you achieve the quickest, safest and longest lasting results:

1. Our Exercise Physiologists design specialised programs that incorporate weight/resistance training, to increase lean muscle mass, metabolism, strength, functional capacity and to improve posture. Programs also incorporate cardio exercises to improve heart health, by raising the heart rate and burning calories.

2. Our Dietitians designate a personalised eating plan to improve your nutrition. We do not believe in a single solution for all diets. Our approach is to develop an eating plan that you can apply for life. This will ensure you’re consuming the appropriate number of calories for your metabolic rate, whilst receiving the vitamins and minerals required for disease prevention.

3. We provide the accountability and support needed to achieve meaningful results. We understand that losing weight is difficult for many people. Our program includes the support required to overcome the road blocks you may face. We will educate, motivate and challenge you. We will make sure you are adhering to the appropriate weight loss path for you.

Whether you need to lose 5 or 65 kilograms, our Weight Loss and Obesity Program empowers you to achieve results that will last for life. Optimum Health Solutions exists to help you – regardless of whether you suffer from other medical conditions. Patients who suffer from injuries, Diabetes, or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome may enjoy direct benefits from our weight loss program. The program works and it will change your life !

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