Benefits Of Group Exercise / Boot Camp

Our Boot Camp program is exercise done the old fashioned way. The comradery and fun shared with a group of like minded people and a whole lot of sweat. This group based exercise program will keep you constantly challenged, and can be tailored to suit individual needs.

There are no two identical sessions held on different days. This means you’ll enjoy great variety with a wide range of equipment, to help keep things fresh. Equipment includes kettle bells, boxing gloves and pads, hurdles, bar bells, prowler bars and more!

If you want to be constantly pushed and achieve goals revolving around weight loss, toning up or general health and fitness, while enjoying social exercise with a touch of banter, Optimum Boot Camp is the best option for you. Choose from outdoor settings at Ashfield Boys’ High School oval, or the atmosphere of Sydney Olympic Park. Regardless of rain, hail or shine – Boot Camp is always on. Each location provides shelter from wet weather.

Put your health first. Stop making excuses. Optimum Boot Camp will deliver your goals on a silver platter. You just need to turn up!

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