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Optimum will create a personalised program designed to reduce your stress and symptoms of mental health conditions help with recovery from mental health issues and improves your sleep, which is important in many different ways.

Optimum has many programs to help overcome mental and health conditions. None are as important as our mental health program. Exercise has been proven as one of the best ways to cope with mental issues that people are facing.

ep benefits

How does exercise make you feel better and provide mental health benefits?

Here are 12 reasons:

  1. Exercise makes you feel better by releasing endorphins, making you feel happy and positive. Don’t we all want that?
  2. Exercise boosts overall mood. Exercising regularly will release tension.
  3. Exercise promotes confidence by helping you feel proud of your accomplishments. It will also do wonders to help improve your appearance.
  4. Exercise empowers your body with a higher pain tolerance. Exercise may make you sore at times (especially when starting), but over time it delivers the benefits of an increased pain threshold
  5. Work to improve brain power – Exercise will help to create more brain cells and neural connections.
  6. Exercise builds character – sticking to exercise develops discipline, dedication and determination.
  7. Exercise promotes self discipline through development of compliance skills. These will transcend into all areas of life.
  8. Exercise can help with recovery from addiction, by applying the above points, and more.
  9. Exercise helps to stabilise chemical imbalances. Endorphins (or “happy chemicals”) are released when you exercise.
  10. Exercise reduces anxiety. Through exercise, you will learn to relax over time.
  11. You will experience the euphoric ‘runner’s high.’ Eventually you’ll learn to love exercise. You simply have to do it consistently, over a period of time.
  12. Exercise will help boost your concentration, enabling you to remain sharp and diligent, to become higher performing and more effective.

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