Optimum Programs – Post Surgery Rehabilitation Programs

post surgery rehabilitationAustralia has the best doctors in the world, and surgery can do wonders to improve quality of life. In many cases, it is an absolute necessity. Whether your injury is the result of an accident, degeneration over time or a general procedure, your recovery is NOT complete without your Post-Surgery Rehabilitation Program.

The team at Optimum Health Solutions is qualified and dedicated to returning you to your pre-injury functionality. In many cases, our patients even exceed their abilities before injury or surgery.

Optimum Health Solutions Post-Surgery Rehabilitation Program includes:

  • Hydrotherapy creates a low weight-bearing environment, enabling you to do more in the early stages after surgery. Hydrotherapy improves your range of motion and early stages of functionality.
  • Resistance exercise in our purpose-built rehab gyms for strengthening muscles, improving posture and returning the body to its correct bio-mechanical alignment.
  • Remedial massage to reduce early post-operative swelling and muscular tension.
  • All sessions last for a duration of one hour minimum, and are fully supervised.
  • Optimum staff will progress your program, making you stronger than ever.
  • We recommend appropriate exercises to maximise recovery, without jeopardising surgical repairs.
  • Ongoing education to return you to normal daily life, or to get you back on the sporting field.

Commonly treated orthopaedic procedures include, but are not limited to:

  • Rotator cuff repairs.
  • Total joint replacements (shoulder, hip, knee).
  • Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction.
  • Arthroscopic knee surgeries (such as meniscectomies, meniscal repairs).
  • Arthroscopic hip surgeries (such as labral repairs).
  • Achilles tendon repairs.
  • Nerve releases (such as cubital tunnel, radial tunnel, carpal tunnel, tarsal tunnel).
  • Neck and back surgery (such as fusions, laminectomy, decompression).
  • Surgical fixation of fractures of the arms and legs.

Looking to start your journey towards better health? Book in your free comprehensive health consultation today by calling us on (02) 8599 6275 or by filling in the form on this page. We’ll be able to identify and implement an effective program suited to your individual needs.

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