Optimum Rehabilitation

rehabilitationExercise rehabilitation involves developing a specific exercise program to assist in recovery from injuries, in working towards a specific goal. A full health assessment and biomechanical assessment is performed to find the strengths and weaknesses that may be contributing to injuries or preventing a full recovery from an old injury. We understand that the road to recovery for certain injuries might be long and tricky, but as accredited Exercise Physiologists, we live to provide you with the most effective rehabilitation programs in Australia.

Optimum Health Solutions specialise in injury and post-surgical musculoskeletal rehabilitation. Our team use evidence based research to designate exercise programs specifically tailored to the individual needs of our clients. Our team is qualified and dedicated to returning you to your pre-injury functionality through individually tailored rehabilitation programs based on your history, injury and ability. In many cases, you may even exceed your abilities pre-injury or surgery as a result of our tailored programs, so is the nature of our work.

Our programs are inclusive to any number of services that Optimum Health Solutions provides, including but not limited to exercise physiology, hydrotherapy, dietetics and physiotherapy – helping to develop a holistically effective rehab routine unlike any other in Australia. As a result of this, we can guarantee that we can help you get back on your feet in an effective manner.

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