Joint Replacement Programs

joint replacement programsOptimum Health Solutions specialises in pre and post-operative joint replacement programs. Joint replacement technology and surgical procedures have advanced a long way during the last 20 years. Many patients can now perform movements that were not possible in the past. Optimum's Joint Replacement Program maximises your functional capacity. The program will bring you back to full functional capacity by providing a customised strength program, through each phase of treatment.

Our Joint Replacement Program begins in the hydrotherapy pool, as early as 5-7 days post surgery. It progresses you through to full recovery over the next 3-6 months. The final phase involves gym-based functional strength exercises.

Our goal for every patient is to have the ability to perform these 3 basic tasks:

  1. Run 15 metres in case you are required to avoid danger. Eg: Avoid a speeding car.
  2. Get up and down off the floor without assistance.
  3. Perform all daily functional tasks comfortably, and without pain or fatigue.

We believe that if you cannot achieve these 3 tasks currently, you have not achieved your rehabilitation goals. Many patients even continue beyond this point, to maximise their recovery. Optimum has purpose-built rehabilitation facilities, intended to cater specifically to all clients after their joint replacements.

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