Back Care Program

back pain program20% of Australians suffer from chronic back pain and live with pain constantly throughout their lives. It is also estimated that 80% of people suffer some kind of back pain, throughout their lives. Here at Optimum, we understand the body’s functional bio-mechanics, how to manage back pain, and even cure it many cases.

At Optimum we specialise in managing back conditions through providing an individual program, that will progress you through a series of steps to being pain free. Our programs include the following:

Core strength: It is important to activate the back’s natural brace. Strengthening through this anatomical brace creates stability through pelvis and vertebral column.

Postural Correction: It is important to eliminate any postural imbalances. Poor posture creates overloads and weaknesses through the kinetic chain. Over time, this continual stress leads to injuries. Similarly, correcting posture enables these same weaknesses and overloads to be correct – therefore removing these stresses from the kinetic chain, hence eliminating the pain.

Pelvic Stability: This is the ability to maintain control of the pelvis. Many people don’t have strength in the appropriate pelvic muscles to maintain a neutral, stable pelvic position. We will explain the relationship between pelvic control and the pain you may be feeling.

Stretching & flexibility: Poor flexibility and muscle tightness are bi-products of society today, resulting from continual sitting. Muscle tightness places stress through your kinetic chain, adding to the pain that you are feeling. Knowing how to improve functional movement as well as flexibility will enable you to achieve a pain free range of movement, and enable your condition to recover.


The key to overcoming back pain is to be progressed at the appropriate time. Improved functional movement, strength, flexibility and pelvic control are the keys to overcoming your back condition. Step by step progression is vital to improvement and ultimately overcoming your pain.

Looking to overcome your chronic back pain? Book in your free comprehensive health consultation today by calling us on (02) 8599 6275 or by filling in the form on this page. We’ll help to create a program for you.

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