Optimum Programs – Arthritis

artritisOptimum has a very detailed Arthritis Program that helps you overcome arthritis, and even manage its symptoms. Optimum uses evidence based research to provide a rehabilitation, exercise and Dietetics program for you.

The Optimum Arthritis Program addresses 3 main areas:


  • To increase the range of motion around the affected joints – Increasing range of motion takes pressure off the joint and tendons within the joint. Maintaining flexibility will ensure that the joint remains supple and full range of motion is achieved, helping relieve the arthritic symptoms.
  • To increase strength in the muscles surrounding the joints – Having adequate strength is important in ensuring the muscles take the strain, without placing excessive pressure on joints.
  • Addressing your dietary requirements and remove arthritis-causing foods – research shows that some foods cause arthritis and make its symptoms worse. Our Arthritis Program enables you to consult with our Dietitian, to address your dietary requirements.

If you, or someone you know is suffering from arthritis, then book in for a free initial consultation either by calling us on (02) 8599 6275 or by filling in the form below. You’ll see how Optimum can help you manage and overcome this condition. Our Arthritis Program is changing peoples lives and helping people to live life to the fullest.

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