Hydrotherapy and Fibromyalgia

Written by Shane Cassel, Exercise Physiologist at Blacktown. Article from July 2019

How Can Hydrotherapy Help Fibromyalgia?


Fibromyalgia is a common condition that is essentially widespread, generalized pain in the muscles and joints. This pain can be accompanied by muscle/joint stiffness, poor sleep quality, chronic fatigue and oversensitive reactions to touch and pressure. This condition predominantly affects young to middle-aged women, with up to 90% of the current diagnoses of fibromyalgia being female.

Hydrotherapy can be a very effective method of treatment management for fibromyalgia for several reasons, the key 3 of these being:

1) Mechano-sensory effects on pain transmission (i.e. less pain)

2) Increased elasticity of connective tissue (i.e. feeling relaxed)

3) Decreased joint compression forces.

At Optimum Health Solutions, our hydrotherapy programs are supervised by our Accredited Exercise Physiologists and allow those afflicted by fibromyalgia to exercise in an environment that will be suitable for their needs. We structure our programs such that they elicit the physiological benefits of exercise (cardiovascular efficiency, muscular strength and hypertrophy, balance and coordination) that doesn’t overload or exacerbate the common symptoms of those with fibromyalgia.

If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and is in need of guidance with regards to the ongoing management of the condition, please speak to any of our helpful staff members and they can organize an initial consultation to discuss how we can help you and your future health

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